Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years

Despite spending the week leading up to New Years eve sick, and being banished from work ON New Years eve for this reason, I went out. Although it took some digging to find last minute plans (and some drama that will be dealt with at a later date) a party was secured. My friend Greer informed me that one of her school buddies was having a house party and to come on over. So the boy and I trek out to the west end and spend the night drinking with a bunch of strangers. It was a good time.

Some highlights include:

The boy accidentally getting a 16 year old trashed.
The 16 year old then hit on my friend Greer.
She later had to be one of the ones dragging him to a couch (I belive it took about three of them) with a bucket in hand.
I got in trouble for trying to draw on him. I have tragically gone another year without drawing on a drunk, passed out person.
A man informed me that he could put his hair into ANY shape. So I challenged him to make it into a Star of David.
I won that battle.
I also got in a war with one guy who had a pointless zipper over his nipple and little flaps on his shoulders with snaps. I spent a lot of time trying to unzip and unsnap him.
I think I may have technically pole danced, but just a little, and all my clothes stayed on, so I guess I'm not very good at it.
There are a bunch of random pictures on my camera that I definitely did not take, and I'm pretty ok with this.

The boy, however, ended up drinking champagne. From the bottle. He was more hung over.
I resolved to not make a resolution this year!
Then I changed that to draw on a drunk passed out person.

So here's to another trip around the sun! May it bring you all health, happiness, and hookers and blow.

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