Monday, January 10, 2011

Nostalgic snacking, part 1

Alright, time to do something that resembles and article and not just me rambling on! Consider this to be my first reoccurring feature. Although I'm not sure I should say that until it, you know, reoccurs. So, nostalgic snacking will be me wandering into the grocery store, singling out something that makes me go "Man, I haven't had that since I was a kid!" and then writing a post about it.

For issue one, I picked Dunk-A-Roos. If I knew how to post images, I would, but I do not yet, so here is a link that has people claiming it's the best thing ever. So, to start, I'll tell you guys what I remember about Dunk-A-Roos. They came in different flavor combos, and were cookies, with icing to dip them in. It seems hard to go wrong with cookies and icing. They came in a blue package and my Mother always refused to buy them for us as kids, because, well, they're pure sugar and the last thing she needed was the have her three already spastic children on an even bigger sugar high then they get from what they already sneak. Dunk-A-Roos were a magical thing, a snack only had at friend's houses. One friend, actually, I had a pretty small circle of friends as a kid, and my other friend's parents wouldn't let these concentrated delicious blue plastic packages in their homes. They were sacred. And now, I sit here with one of these little blue plastic packages in front of me, and a whole box of these flunchers waiting to be devoured, and no Mom, you can't stop me from having them for breakfast! Maybe I'll wash it down with ice cream...

Alright, so, I currently have the cinnamon cookies with rainbow chip icing, my least favorite of the flavors as a kid, but I have developed a taste for cinnamon since, and they didn't have the chocolate/vanilla ones at the store. I don't think these can live up to my expectations, but maybe getting one of the flavors I didn't like so much as a kid will have helped....

Ok, so, the verdict is... AWESOME. Now I REALLY wish that they had had the chocolate/vanilla (or, chonilla, if you prefer) ones, because I suspect they would cause a food-gasm. The only down side of these is that there's not QUITE enough icing, so you either pace yourself and hope to have enough to make it through, go wild to start and the last few are lacking, or you're TOO stingy and are left with way too much icing and have to load it all onto one tiny little cookie but then the cookie breaks because that's a hell of a lot of icing and now you have to scoop it all out with your finger and oh God it's a delicious delicious mess!

So, final verdict? Go buy some if you ate them as a kid today! Or, actually, just go buy some. Seriously, cookies and icing. How can you go wrong? I'm gonna go eat another package now.