Wednesday, January 19, 2011

That's why God invented coffee

So, as you can see in my side bar under friends, there is a new link. It is to my sister's blog, it is about how her life is a sitcome. One about her potentially getting deported. She's a much more coherent, concise, and grammatically correct writer then I am, and still manages to be witty! But don't tell her I said that, she might think I like her or something. Can't have that. Only deep resentment and bitterness in this family! Okay, not ONLY deep resentment and bitterness. There's some spite in there, too! So, plugging over, although I may write about my sister who fled the country again on another day, and by "may" I mean "will likely".

Right, so as all three of you who actually read this know, I'm a baker. Which means that I have to be AT work for 5:00am, which means dragging myself out of bed at 4:30am. It'd be earlier but they feed me at work. Thank God. There are some perks to starting work so early. Like being able to shut up ANYONE when they bitch about having to be up for work at 9. I actually don't know anyone who's up earlier then I am, you know, besides my co-workers, who are all up before I am because I live ten minutes from work. There's also the fact that I'm done early, which means I have the rest of the day, you know, with sunshine and the occasional rainbow? Yeah, the sun, that bright thing in the sky, or as some of you may know it, "day star". This makes appointments easier, gives me free reign of the park without having to be creepy because I'm an adult alone at a park, let's me have the apartment alone to myself, which means naked time, and makes running errands a lot simpler.

However, there are a lot of things that make getting up at 4:30am hard.
-No one else is done work so early, so if I want to see people during the week, it's hard. They all want to go out at 7, which is early for them, not when you're up at 4:30am.
-I can't really talk to The Boy until 7, either, which tends to lengthen stretches of time when I don't hear from him (he lives in a different city so it kinda matters) because one or both of us will go out at least once during the week, often more. (Yes, The Boy, I know, if I just went and put you on my damned "my 5" list this would be less of an issue, but, when I did last time you went and changed your number on me. I'm afraid you will do it again now.)
-Room Mate has the bad habit of putting on "just one more episode" of what ever we're watching to lure me into staying up past my bed time. After that we tend to end up bantering in the hall way for a while after that which further delays going to bed.
-Room Mate has also taken to setting booby traps in the bathroom, which wakes me up more when I stumble in for my middle of the night pee.
-The people above us. They tend to have loud parties during the week that can be pretty troublesome to sleep through. At least when I ask them to keep it down, they do. Or try to. Apparently they tell Room Mate to shove it. <- We have their cell number for this reason, it's not like I have to go upstairs at 11 every night and ask them to please turn it down.
-My own stupidity.
-Lastly, and most brutal to me the next morning, is my flunching Stumble Upon addiction...

So this leads me to going into work with 5 or less hours of sleep on an average morning. I also suck at napping, so that doesn't help, either... I usually just come home and crash once a week if not more.

And that, my friends, is why God invented coffee.