Friday, May 27, 2011

Easily amused.

Many of my nearest and dearest, and not so near and dear, will readily agree with the fact that I am easily amused. Like a little kid. They say it like it's a BAD thing. Why is it a bad thing that seeing a man wearing a funny hat with two small dogs (one on each shoulder!) ALSO wearing funny hats makes my freaking week?! And yes, that DID happen!

So, I would like to make an argument for being easily amused being a good thing.

It's hard to get bored.

This is the obvious one. While you're sitting around late at night wondering what to do with yourself, since everything is closed, I'm across the street climbing some MoFu dinosaurs! Yes, this is not the first time I've mentioned climbing dinosaurs, it IS something I actually do. I live next door to a museum, they have some out side that I found out through a co-worker who's wife works at said museum you're technically allowed to climb. How did I get into that conversation? I don't recall, but odds are I asked if he knew what the rules on climbing the dinosaurs are.

I spend less on entertainment.

Don't get me wrong, I sink PLENTY of money into going out and adventuring (need a proper adventure hat. Those don't grow on trees, you know). However, when you're just as happy having a night out getting belligerent (we all know how much I hate my liver), hitting up the movies, or going for a wander and getting ice cream and/or hats (hats made of ice cream?) or hanging around drawing pictures of dinosaurs with your friends (yes, this has happened. More then once) you can save a LOT of money.

I'm incredibly easy to cheer up.

Some of The Boy's preferred methods of cheering up the Erikla are:
Staring pointedly.
Making silly faces
Letting me push the elevator button (this is an on going battle)
Staring some more
Pointing out dogs/silly hats/bits of fluff in our surroundings
Touching one boob, and then not the other because then I get fixated with being uneven.
Talking about dinosaurs/robots/unicorns.

Life is just WAY more fun.

Seriously. Think of the last time you got super excited. It happens every few days for me. And doesn't cease to be awesome.

I'm told it's endearing

Hard to endear yourself TO yourself, but other people seem to find my excitability endearing. It's also often contagious.

Shopping for me is pretty easy.

Some of the best gifts I've ever been given are:
A rubber chicken
Laser eyes (sun glasses with laser pointers strapped to the sides. Best. Valentines. Gift. EVER)
A giant stuffed Horse (his name is Baxter)
A soap dispenser shaped like a nose

My OWN easy amusement translated into me giving some interesting gifts.Such as an inflatable clown punching bag (This was for The Boy. I'm waiting for him to sneak it into bed with us in the night).

Easy to get out of trouble over small things. Big issues I'll stay on or bring up again later, but if you just stole my last orange jelly bean even though I had two red ones left and there has to be one of each color at the end! Yelling "Look! That cloud looks like a cloud!" will probably get you out of my wrath.

So, next time people say "You are so easily amused" with that condescending tone, I hope those of you who are with me can take comfort in knowing our lives are clearly more awesome.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Glee drinking game

It's my 42nd post. I figured I would honor my 42nd post by looking back on the closest thing to a reoccurring feature that I've done. Drinking games. Today we will be drinking our way through Glee, so, for all of you out there who are being forced to watch the show against your will, here's a way to get through it. Here we go!

Drink when...

Sue does something that should get her sued/fired/launched out of a cannon into the sun
Sue makes fun of Shoe's hair
Any of the teachers say "These/those kids"
They try to fix the problems of the world in the only way they know how - By singing.
Finn takes interest in a girl who's taken (seriously what the hell is WITH that?)
Any time Mike does anything.
Brittney says something amazingly stupid
Coach Beast gets her feelings hurt
Quinn schemes
Some one makes fun of Sam's lips
Mercedes breaks away from the base of the song to just belt it
Kurt is dressed in a way that, if we're honest, kind of deserves to get Slushie'd
There's a guest star
Puck actually IS tough and/or bad ass
Rachel looks like "A baby and a grandma rolled into one"
They point out just how all encompassing and tolerant the Glee club is of people of every race/back ground/sexual orientation
The form of competitions is totally ignored. (Ex: Vocal Adrenalin, being in the same town, should have been up against them first round every time. The Warblers should have been there the first season... Basically any episode that they're at the actual event)

Bonus points if you're drinking booze slushies for this.

Also, I would recommend picking and choosing which rules you use, because all of those are going to hurt.

Also also: Am I the only one bothered by the locker thing?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Curse you, Stumble Upon!

I always wanted a dog as a kid, but my Mother, who is a cat person, could not have a cat because it would kill my Father (He developed the allergy a fair ways into their relationship, so she had to pick, him or cats. She still doesn't seem convinced she made the right call) so we could not have a dog. She really doesn't like dogs. She thinks they're loud and messy and smell funny (none of these things being untrue).

I have to this day, never lived with a dog, let alone owned one. I wish I could, but, a dog wouldn't really fit into my life style. It's not uncommon for my only time home during the day to be coming home to sleep for a few hours before going back out for adventures. There's also the fact that I straight up can not afford a dog. I wish I could, but, well, some days I can barely afford myself. The fact that I have an especially soft spot for wiener dogs, who are notorious for health problems, also not helping the case of getting a puppy. I've come to terms with the fact that, at this point in my life, I can't have a puppy.

Stumble Upon, however, is a dirty whore and insists on showing me reams and reams of pictures of adorable puppies with a weird surplus of wiener dogs. How does it know?!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

But, but I'm NOT a hipster!

This is a reoccurring theme. People accuse me of being a hipster "Not a full fledged one, but, well..." and then they trail off and look sympathetic. I can usually muster a feeble defense, "But I still listen to the radio!" "I've like old video games because I grew up with them!" "I drink heavily because I'm in my early 20ies- it'swhatyoudo!" but recently, I got called on my secret identity.

About five years ago, for improv, our team name was "Our Mom's think we're cool" and our voting item were cheap dollar store glasses, which we punched the lenses out of because we were wearing them for a bit. I ended up holding onto one pair, basic black thick rimmed type of thing, and wore them to school for a few days. It took that long for people to notice that there were no lenses. I've pulled it a few times (I usually can't go a whole day before someone clues in that there are no lenses) one of the more notable times being on a date. Where I rubbed my eye THROUGH the frames. Twice. And he failed to notice. In his defense, my shit was low cut.

Every now and then I don my lenseless glasses to see who I can trick this time, or because I want to keep my super hero identity a secret. This has led to me being accused of being a hipster.

And to you jerk faces out there, fine! Label me as you will! But when I get a nemesis who's out to get me, at least MY identity will be secret!