Friday, February 25, 2011

Green Hornet drinking game

I apologies for the lack of updating, I haven't been home much the past two weeks, and now have gotten myself a case of The Sick. It's still in it's early stages, right before my days off, so I am hoping to destroy The Sick before it can properly manifest. Before The Sick reared it's ugly head, I went and saw the new Green Hornet movie. I admit that I'm not intimately acquainted with the original Green Hornet, so I could enjoy it, but die hard fans might struggle with seeing The Green Hornet be played to be kind of dopey.

Since I haven't been too much of an alchohalic for a while, here's an untested drinking game for you all!

The Green Hornet drinking game

Every time someone makes a vauge reference to Kato and Britt being man-lovers
The original is Green Hornet is referenced
There is car porn
Kato is incredibly bad ass
Britt is kind of a bitch
Either Britt or Kato fails to get laid
Kato is mad about being the side kick
Britt actually does something clever
You wish you had The BlackBeauty

Happy Liver damage!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

ARGs are potentially a cause of insomnia.

For those of you who don't know what ARG's are, it stands for Alternate Reality Game and the concept of them is so very cool. The link will explain things better then I can. A few months ago, I stumbled upon this incredibly terrifying story about a some college kid who picks up an old copy of Legend of Zelda; Majora's mask in a sort of sketchy way. At first I had thought that was all it was, then I found out that there was a part two planned, but when I found it was just after "the pause" had started.

Now, Zelda is one of my favorite game franchises and has been for a very long time. Majora's Mask was always one of my least favorite of the series. I always found it kind of creepy, and the game play drove me up the wall. However, I got sucked into this story so hard for those exact same reasons. I have never felt terror like that from a piece of fiction before.

It's been just this past week I discovered it was part of an ARG, and that I've been catching up on the second story ark. Just in time for the third to start. I'm already totally obsessed. The sheer detail and thought that's gone into it is mind boggling. If you don't mind having a sore brain and sifting through a lot of crazyness, I seriously recommend checking this out.

The forum, which is where the third ark is based largely, can be found here. If any of you get into it, you can find me on the forum as clevernamepending, drop me a line and we can compare theories ;)

Be warned, you will obsess over this.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The word vagina has lost all meaning.

No, it's NOT a post about a drinking game! But it is about a game. That is best played WHILE drinking unless you're so crass and juvenile that it seems like a good idea sober (might have been doing this at work all week... You're just jealous you're not this classy).

The premise is simple. You take a movie title of at least two words, and take one word out. That word is then replaced with vagina. This game is best played with a rowdy, silly, slightly drunken crowd (people who read this and don't know me personally must think I'm a total lush...)

Some good examples are:
Never ending vagina
Lock, stock, and two smoking vaginas
My big fat Greek vagina
Edward vagina hands
Men who stare at vaginas
Revenge of the vaginas
Sisterhood of the traveling vaginas
Harry Potter in the chamber of vagina
Dirty vagina
The good, the bad, and the vagina
Beauty and the vagina
Vaginas take Manhattan

I've yet to find a two word title (not counting "the") that this won't work with. Also the word "vagina" no longer has any meaning what so ever. Share your own titles in the comments!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh God my head... Blackula drinking game

So my friend decided for his birthday he wanted to go see Blackula. Having no choice, since it was his birthday, a bunch of us went. And being the classy bunch we are, we were getting out drink on (not so discouraged at the indie theaters I've noticed so long as you're not a d-bag).

I initially was playing on my own, which I've started to do anytime there's drinking and movies going on. The first set of rules were this:

Every time there's a white person, you drink.
Every time the music makes you want to groove, you drink ("Fuck. Mason. We already drank for this music!" "Yeah but I'm feeling the groove again")
Epic side burns OR afro.

Once I bullied Mason into playing with me, he vetoed the afro rule. It was just too painful. We changed it to this:
Every time some one uses really stereotypical language (Ex: Bitch please) <- This one isn't too brutal.

And while we didn't play with this one, you could also use, or use instead:
Every time the actual Dracula series gets a tip of the hat (Ex: Cape, the love interest being named "Tina" when it's usually "Mina")

Now maybe it was the fact that I practically needed to be carried home, but Blackula actually wasn't a terrible movie. I think I could have made it through sober. Although I'm glad I didn't.