Monday, January 24, 2011

The tragic tale of Chocolate hi-hat cupcakes

So, Saturday morning, was out for a hang over breakfast with some friends at a little diner down the street, or up the street and then to the right, I suppose... As we were leaving I asked if anyone wanted to check out the new cupcake bakery down the street. My friends were pressed for time and declined, and The Boy sighed, "I don't know your obsession with cupcake bakeries"

"But, but CUPCAKES!"

"You can make them yourself, and if that last one we tried was any indication, you can do it much better" he had a point. So, when Yoshi and I were hanging out later while Roommate and her fiancee (Yes, I have friends who are engaged. Yes, this blows my mind as well. I'm not old enough to have friends who are engaged!) build a death laser into his car, I suggested we make cupcakes. I also had another friend's birthday party later, so, hey, why not?

So I suggest chocolate, because we are both girls, and showed her my secret chocolate ganache butter cream icing that has, on more then one occasion, gotten me proposed to. We (and by "we" on this one I mean me) decided to do hi-hat cupcakes, which are cupcakes with tall icing dipped in chocolate. So, piped the icing on, popped them in the freezer so they'd hold shape as we dipped them in the ganache, and oh man, were they pretty. And delicious. If I figure out how to post pictures, I will.

So, I leave some with her, we eat some right then and there, as do her room mates, and Roommate and I come home. The Boy is waiting, and I tried to fend him off from the cupcakes, with force, and failed. The cupcakes then make another trip to their final destination, the birthday party. So I walk in, holding them proudly, because, hey, I had put a fair bit of work into these babies, and get The Food Look. The Food Look is a look I have come to know well, it's when every one near by can sense that something delicious has just entered the room and turns to stare in awe and hunger. "Oh my God, those look waaay better then the one's I made!"

And then a coat rack fell on me.

Knocking my cupcakes out of my hands, onto the floor, and many other people's coats. It was a tragic, delicious mess. One lonely cupcake made it, and was shoved upon the birthday girl before anyone else could snatch the tasty survivor up. Her reaction of "Oh my GOD" as she ate it had other people say "Flunch it" and eat the smashed up cupcakes. More then one, actually. Yes, that's how amazing these were. People ate them after they fell on the floor.

There WAS one we never found though... Hope no one's foot found it...