Thursday, January 13, 2011

So apparently Canadian's can't understand British accents?

Alright, so, I admit it. I like anime. Not as much as I used to, when I was a teenager, I was right into it. Eventually I discovered things like crunchyroll-com and and it just got worse from there. Eventually I just didn't have time to devote to sitting down and watching an episode of things, so my interests shifted more to manga. Since onemanga went down, I've switched to web-comics, because I just can't afford to support that kind of addiction. As I stated before, my web-comic folder has a scroll bar and is constantly growing.

Now, you're probably wondering what my past interest in anime and manga has to do with, well, anything. I think I met an anime character today grown up. No, really, stay with me. You know how in those high school set dramas there's inevitably an American or British transfer student (SOMETIMES French, or a made up country, but I never saw Canadian, which made me sad). They were always fair skinned, with weird hair and interesting eyes.

So, this guy in his... Late thirties to mid-forties, we'll say, wanders into work today. Being vertically impaired, nine times out of ten, the first thing I notice about men is their height, but I noticed his eye (from the side, so I could only see the one) and, it was a very striking blue. When he turned to look at me, the other eye was half that same blue, and half hazel. He also had black hair (I suspect dyed) and a border line mullet. It was like that transfer-student archatype from shojo manga had walked off the pages and then grown up. He's asking me random questions about the some of the things we're selling and at one point in the conversation let's out a happy sort of sigh and says "It's noice to have someone actually understand me"


"Yeah. I'm constantly getting asked to repeat myself. I'm from bloody England! It shouldn't be that hard"

"Considering we're part of the common wealth, yeah, you'd think we could manage. I guess it's because I was raised on Monty Python?"

We then trade some Python quotes back and forth, not the first time this has happened to me at this job, I'll tell the other story later. He then sighs, "Python really isn't that good"


"It's alright, but there's a lot of really good British comedy out there. Have you ever seen..." he lowers his voice, and glances around conspiratorially "Peep show?"

"Yeah, a handful of times. My sister's really into it," he's then further surprised and impressed by my knowledge of British crap. We then banter on about different British comedies a little more before he claims he will be back and eventually try one of everything in the bakery over time. I kinda hope he does. I'm curious if his job lines up with being a shojo manga character.

Right, so before I forget, the other Python story. I'm a baker, as I've said before, but we're short handed on cashiers where I work, so I'm cross trained, which sometimes sucks, but if I want an extra shift here or there, they're always there. Which during the slow seasons (right now) is a life saver. Well, bank saver, I suppose is a better way to put it. Anyways, it was one of the first days I was working cash, and there were these two middle aged brothers buying things, and the one and I were trying to wrestle his purchas into a paper bag. He starts humming this song, and I join in. He stops, stares, and I keep going with the tune. "YOU KNOW IT TOO!"


"What IS it?"

And, without missing a beat or thinking about it, I spit out, "The intermission music from Holy Grail," the two men stop and stare a moment.

His brother nods, "She's right," he says a little stunned.

The first man gawks a bit, "How do YOU know that? You're way too young for Monty Python!"

"I was in the third grade the first time I saw Holy Grail" (Some where someone is reading this and saying "Ah, now I get it") and then the two men realize how important it is to expose their children to Monty Python early. After questioning a small child watching the Castle of Anthrax scene silently I assume.

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  1. Peep Show is brilliant. So brilliant. I love Mark, he reminds me of a guy version of myself. (probably not a good thing)