Sunday, January 9, 2011

I've got a confession...

No, it isn't that I secretly have a wanger and it's bigger then most buildings- That's pretty common knowledge. It's... Well... I like crafting. There. I said it. I don't have a desk filled with stray buttons, draws brimming with beads, spools of ribbon, vials of glitter (also known as the herpes of the craft/fashion world) and different kinds of glue. And on this imaginary desk that I don't have, there would be a cute little desk organizer that I made myself, a special paper cutting board and maybe even a paper cutter, along with reams and reams of special paper (I've always had a bit of a stationary fetish - two confessions, one post!) but, if I had the space for this sort of desk, and the money to stock it, I would.

It isn't my fault that I well up with envy every time someone shows me their cute new bag that they TOTALLY made themselves! It's my Mother's! That whore. Just kidding, my Mom is a classy lady (for all you know). Let me back track here. My Mother has what, for as long as I can remember, has been called her "Mary Poppins bag" it is filled with candy, coloring books, and reams of arts and craft supplies. She can keep a hoard of rowdy children amused with nothing b this one tote bag and her own slightly terrifying childish energy. Seriously. She's a two year old in the body of- well, I won't post my Mom's age, she's allergic to computers so she'd likely never see that I had, but it's just not a nice thing to do. The body of someone doing very well for their age none the less.

Now, the Mary Poppins bag was a big part of my childhood. It came with us to Brownies (the step below Girl Guides for those of you staring blankly) where she was known as Sunny Owl (I actually called and asked her that) which is basically like a Girl Guide Leader. Or what ever they're called higher up. I was never a girl guide. The bag came to the cottage to amuse all of my cousins and siblings for days, yes, DAYS on end with no electricity what so ever. It went to potlucks at their friends place to keep their kids amused as well. To the other kids, this bag was pure, unadulterated magic. For my siblings and I? Daily life.

Beyond my Mother's Mary Poppins bag, there were all of the times that for parties and weddings that she and my aunt decorated on their own. My parents house is all decorated wonderfully, my Mother painting, wall papering, flooring, and at some points tearing down and rebuilding walls herself. My siblings and I are all pretty hands on.

The seed was planted early. I didn't stand a chance. So now, I want to be one of those crafty girls. The type who makes her own jewelry and hats and desk organizers.

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  1. *High fives for stationary fetishes*

    Your mother is probably magical. Keep an eye on her.