Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello world!

First thing first. I would like to know how Blogger has a "new and improved preview" already. I just started this blog. Like, less then ten minutes ago. Blogger, how have you ALREADY managed to improve your preview section? I find this both exciting and kind of concerning. When I log in next, will there be an entirely different lay out? I know a lot of websites advertise that they're "constantly changing and growing" and all that jazz, but is Blogger actually an up to the second sort of thing? Will this window change AS I'M TYPING? HOLY SHIT. Right, I better move on before the window twists into the shape of a kitten that, when I double click, bats at an electric mouse and I become far too distracted to actually write a thing.

So, as you will see in the "About" section, at least for now, this blog was started partially out of spite. I'll tell the whole story here.

My parents have a set of friends who I've always had mixed feelings about. The husband, who I will call Carl, is initially from Europe, and his wife, who is at least ten years younger then he is, and looks ten years younger then that. We'll call her Faith. Now, my Mother is particularity fond of this couple. I like the husband, he's witty and charming and unlike some of my parents friends, realizes that I am an adult in every legal sense of the word AND isn't creepy about it. His wife... She's a trophy wife. And a blogger. Pretty, discerningly perky little thing.

Carl and Faith popped by my parents house when I was visited for one of the holidays, and being bored as there was no one around I sort of hung around and shot the shit with them. Faith was going on and on about her blog and how she was maybe kinda sort of getting a TV segment on some local cable channel of a town that was not her own, but had been blocked a few times over it. The topic bounced from this to other children of my their circle of friends, most of them being the same age bracket or a bit older then I am, and the usual banter that comes with that. In between one of these jumps, Faith asked if I had a blog. I was honest, "No, drunks at parties often tell me I should, but I don't really know what I would write ABOUT"

Her response is what planted the seed for this blog. My mind has purged the exact words from it, but it was something among the lines of "Oh, that's for the best. No one your age has anything to say anyways" followed by a laugh, followed by "you'd be embarrassed by the things you write now down the road!"

This woman clearly has not noticed my parents lack of shame (Well, my Father's more specifically I suppose). So, months later, and a few more drunks telling me how hilarious I am and that they would "Like, totally read your blog!" here were are. Random drunk people at parties, I expect you to make good on your promise! Faith, you scarily perky bitch, it's on.