Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tron 2 drinking game

So, my friend Ginger Dave hadn't seen Tron, and was having a hard time finding friends who had money AND were willing to see it. Being the good friend I am, despite having seen it before, I went with him. To make it more fun for me a second time through, I put a stipulation on this however. That we turned it into a drinking game. Perplexed, and a little confused, Ginger Dave agreed.

The rules were simple.

Every time they referance the original, you drink - This was a sane rule
Every time you feel the need to yell "BUT THAT'S NOT HOW COMPUTERS WORK!" you drink - This was the one that hurt
Every time you see or hear Daft Punk - Again, a sane rule
Every time Flynn is a Wizard/Hippy/Jedi, you drink - This one might have hurt, but we were both pretty... Happy, by this point.

And that was it. We almost worked our way through a mickey of rum and two of those giant movie theater things of coke. I mixed the first one with about half the mickey we realized after. Over all, introducing Ginger Dave to drinking at the movies went well.

Some tips for drinking at the movies, for those of you who haven't yet:

Only ever bring a mickey for two to three people. Otherwise you're likely to get TOO rowdy. For not Canadian readers (all one of you) that's 170mL. It's also a good size to sneak in a purse or coat pocket.

Pick a bottle that's plastic, less conspicuous, again, easier to hide, and not as heavy.

Pick a liquor that is simple to mix with things available at the theater unless you want to try smuggling mixers in with you (Rum and coke is my go to for drinking at the movies).

Sit AWAY from people and attempt to use your indoor voice. You're going to be getting silly and giggly if you do this right, so try not to ruin other people's movie going experience. They paid $9 for their ticket too.

Be discreet with it. Mix your drink after the lights go down.

Don't do this at kids movies unless it's a late showing and there aren't actually any kids there.

And last, but most importantly, stay classy you alcoholic bastards.


Drinking game for ANY Harry Potter movie:

Every time they cast a spell, you drink <- Have to credit Mason for that one.

Drinking game for the NEW Clash of the Titans:

Every time they deviate from the original movie/actual myth, you drink. - You WILL run dry. Doesn't matter how much you bring. You will run out or you will just give up for fear of alcohol poisoning.


  1. "And last, but most importantly, stay classy you alcoholic bastards."

    I'm always classy! *offended face*

  2. So, three comments: One, Erika is actually of drinking age. She just likes to pretend she's a 16 year old delinquent.

    Second, using Erika as a reference point for your alcohol limits is not going to work for everyone. That said, a mickey for yourself would probably be overdoing it in a 2 hour movie... but who stops drinking after it's over?

    Third, a mickey is actually 375 mL.

  3. I don't pretend I'm a 16 year old delinquent. I pretend I'm a 6 year old delinquent. You should know this.

    Two - I meant for the movie specifically. You go to a bar or someone's house where you have stashes of more booze for later, dhur.

    Three - I actually just did a quick google check and didn't actually know. I should have just checked one of the bottles in the cabinet in hind sight. Oh well.

    Also, readingnerd, that just makes it all the easier for you to continue to be so, I never meant to imply you were not a classy alcoholic bastard.