Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stumble Upon

So, I don't know about you, but I'm a little bitch for the web-browser add on Stumble Upon. In a moment of super narcissism, I actually added this blog to it, because, well, I'm hoping to attract readers so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself so much. My Stumble addiction is pretty sever, my surfing habits are like this:
In order:
iGoogle (which tells me if there's any e-mails and the weather, but is my home page, so, you know, gonna see that anyways)
Web-comics (my web-comic folder as a scroll bar, I might start doing a web-comic feature, would anyone actually read that?) <- NOT weird porn most of the time, promise, but, uh, spare your self and don't read FFF, seriously.
And then onto stumbling until I get bored.

But that's the problem. You don't get bored. Stumble Upon is the leading cause of insomnia. I can't count the amount of times I've been sitting here, innocently, and The Boy will look over at me, purse his lips and say "You're Stumbling again, aren't you?"

To which I will look up from what ever random web-page Stumble Upon as brought me to, wide eyed and innocent, look him straight in the eye and lie to him. "No"

"Erika, put the lap top down. You have to work in the morning"

"Just one more link"

"It's always just one more link."

"I promise, this is the last one, then I'll go to bed, honest!" He stares at me a long moment, I'm still giving him the innocent eyes. He's heard this one before, so many times, but, maybe, maybe this time will be the time I will master my addiction.

With clear bitterness, he spits out "Fine." Before he sits down next to me, to make sure that I stick to my word. So I click that little circle again, and read what ever it brings me to, and by the time I have finished reading what ever I found, without a thought, I click the button again. "Erika!"

"Oh, right, sorry, I'll, uh, just finish this one, I mean, it's already there..."

It eventually ends with him wrestling the laptop from my hands, him screaming "YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!"

And my screaming "IT'S NOT A PROBLEM!"

"You need to be up in four hours!"


He then throws me over his shoulder and drags me to the bedroom, which you would think would be followed by wild, passionate sexing, but really just ends in him then trying to subdue me into ACTUALLY going to sleep. The trials of The Boy trying to get me to go the flunch to bed will be saved for another post, but seriously, I do have a problem. Am I the only one with this addiction?

Also: I was initially going to call this post NUMA NUMA and talk about how I Stumbled that old Numa Numa video, and talk about internet memes and how it's the closest thing to pop culture I'm aware of, but I got distracted with my deep love of Stumble Upon, and will probably write a post about my cultural oblivion later.

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  1. Hello, I'm from Very Serious. (Awkward Turtle over there.)

    I'm not on Stumble Upon, but I can completely do the same thing with Wikipedia. Link-hopping all night. Good times.