Thursday, January 20, 2011

Street Fighter, Ledgend of Chun Li drinking game

So, with the Tron 2 drinking game bringing in over twice as many hits then anything else I've written, I'm doing a follow up, and considering how much fun the... Research, to do on these posts is, I suspect it may develop into a new, liver damaging feature.

Now, for this installment, I was drinking with Room Mate, my friend Topher, and my other friend Mike. We cheated a little on the rules and looked some up online, however I don't have the link to the site we got them off of, as it wasn't me looking them up. If I get my hands on it, I'll post it here. I feel the need to warn you all, however, that the Street Fighter movie is... Absolutely awful. However there are many times that it's so bad it's funny, which makes it a great candidate for a drinking game. It's also: It's on Netflicks, so if you have it, you can watch it there and all it will cost you is time you will never, ever get back!

These are the rules we played with

Every time Chun Li's voice over tries to explain what's going on, you drink
Every time they referance the games, you drink <- This didn't happen much
Every time Bison's accent changes, or he speaks another new language, you drink
Every time Chun Li is referred to as "School Girl" you drink
Every time they speak English when they clearly should not be, you drink
Every time Erika tries to add a new rule, you drink

Rules recommend by Erika

Every time they reference the games, you drink  <- This one is obligatory
Every time Bison's accent changes, you drink <- We decided his accent was trying to have "A bit of an Irish twirl"
Every time they speak English when they should not, you drink <- A fun rule because sometimes you debate if you should or "That's just how they talk to each other"
Every time you gawk at Maya Sunee's breasts <- You will be doing this often. I feel they were the best part of the movie
Every time Nash is being all intense, you drink <-  He's just like Nicholas Cage!
Every time you wonder how long it took them to find Asian actresses that looked that white, you drink
Every time the movie is obviously aimed at barely-pubescent teenage boys, you drink

Bonus points for yelling out the name of the moves they're using!

And before I go on my merry way, does anyone out there have any suggestions for movies to feature in future drinking game features? I'd love to hear them!


  1. On one hand I want to contribute, but on the other I don't want you to fall over and die from your liver trying to escape and leaping out your side. So...

    Transformers- when they are explosions
    Pan's Labyrinth- whenever it is awesome (it probably isn't movie to which while drunk though. It's bit...creepy)
    The new Alice and Wonderland- see above

  2. alice in wonderlandApril 8, 2014 at 3:46 PM

    yo, erika im reading these posts even though its 2014, but its mostly becuase now, you only post on thursdays while your boyfriend does all the rest (and even then you dont even do every thursday:( ) so to make up for all the lost wittiness, im reading this stuff, and if u read your comments for the posts from befor, keep uop the wittiness girl!!! and do try to at least post 1 ramble session a day ;)

  3. It's always nice to hear that people are so enthusiastic that they go back and read the archives, but I feel I must point out once again that I'm not Erika's boyfriend and never have been. (Her then-boyfriend/now-husband has only posted once, and the exposure to Fifty Shades of Grey drove him away evermore.)

  4. As my co-blogger pointed out, he is my accomplice, not my boyfriend (I'm married to someone else entirely). Due to my health I've been struggling with regular updates (I'm hoping to get back in the saddle on that one soon but someone greased the damn thing) but I do always love hearing that my work is appreciated and people think I'm funny, so thank you.