Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reboot drinking game and special drink

Alright folks, this one is brutal. Again, swiped some rules online and then weeded them out and edited to my liking. So, the back story. The last post took place the morning after this one, so Yoshi and Brandon came over, Brandon, after reading the Tron 2 post, wanted to get his drink on. Colton kept trying to steer us to action movies, How I met your Mother, and Halo, but I wanted to keep things a bit more nerd (and The Boy) friendly. The Boy has to sit through enough How I met your Mother as is, so Reboot was the compromised reached.

Now, before I post these rules, don't use all at once. We did, and two episodes in I had to switch from Purple to water (recipe for purple at the end of this post).

So, here are some of the less painful rules!

Reboot drinking game, wimpy rules

Dot commits physical acts of violence
Frisket growls at Bob
Hexadecimals flirts with and threatens Bob at the same time
Hexadecimal fails to win because Bob talks her out of it with reverse psychology
A game cube falls at just the wrong moment
Mouse kisses someone unwilling
Someone reaches THROUGH the vid screen
The 8-ball falls off of Bob's apartment building

Normal people rules

Dot gets a spontaneous case of stupid (The writers, were all "Man, we need to break this down for the children viewers at home. Shame we don't have a child character who would be inquisitive of these things, guess Dot will just have to loose basic understanding of things")
Mainframe is doomed
Megabyte says "Mainframe will be mine!" or "Mainframe is mine!"
Megabyte narrates his plans to no one in paticular
Enzo tackles Bob
Phong makes someone play a game with him for advice
Anyone uses two or more computer jargon terms in a row

Rules for people who hate their liver

Every time someone uses a catchphrase (EX: Bob says "I don't think so" Enzo yells "Alphanumeric!")
Hack and Slash bicker
Really crazy/over exagerated facial expressions <- This rule is actually a lot of fun
Anyone uses computer jargon <- This one hurt most of all

Now, I recommend picking and choosing a few from each category, but I admit the rules for people who hate their liver are probably the most fun.

Now, for the special bonus, a themed drink to go with the game!

The Game cube (more commonly known as Purple)

Two fingers Vodka
One finger Blue Curacao
Three to four fingers cream soda
Ice optional

I'd love to hear if anyone has their own rules they like to use for this in the comments! Happy drinking!


  1. If you feel like sparing your liver/laughing at people with brain freeze you can try that with slushies. That's good too, especially if you only pretend to drink and watch other people.

  2. I'm talented, I can laugh at people, damage my liver, AND get brain freeze all at once!