Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Resolutions

I'll be honest- I usually don't put any faith in New Years Resolutions. If I resolve to do something, I don't wait until New Years to do it, I just do. The next day, or the next week, or the start of next month if I need a calendar date to match up, but never do I wait until New Years.

This year, however, I accidentally made a New Years resolution. I've talked about NaNoWriMo before a few times on this blog, and how it is a wonderful awesome thing. However, it has some draw backs. It will take over your life entirely if you let it, you need to concentrate on ONE project, so if you're not feeling it... well, too bad, power through anyways. I think it's important to learn to power through when you're not feeling it, but sometimes you want to just play around, or you need a break. There is also the burn out that comes after NaNoWriMo. I had been trying to figure out a system for myself that would mimic it, a mandatory daily word count, but not as strict and rigid. Then I found out someone had beat me to it.

Enter 750 words. I knew the second I came across it I was in, and I wanted to drag as many other people into it with me as I could. It however has a monthly scoring system*, so I decided to wait until the start of the next month. Which was January 1st. New Years day. Shit. I just made a New Years resolution, didn't I? I also committed myself to trying to be coherent enough to write despite the inevitable hangover. The hangover has been about as bad as expected, but I have survived and written my goal for the day. I will also have to write my goal for tomorrow today, too.

I probably won't be able to get 50 Shades done for this week (out of town family) and while I hope to still somehow pull that one off, odds are you'll be getting something that I wrote for 750 this Thursday. I hope you guys tune in either way.

*I'll be posting my score at the end of each month and you can all marvel at how awesome I am/make fun of me for sucking.

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