Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A few announcements and a link dump

First the announcements!
1) This blog now has a designated e-mail, somethingshortandsnappyblog@gmail.com
2) This blog ALSO now is on Twitter! I promise I'll try to be amusing and/or insightful form time to time and never post pictures of my lunch. You can follow me @SnappyErika
3) I'm still looking for people interested in doing a guest post exchange. You can contact me via e-mail or comment on this post.

Now, I will admit the reason there is going to be a link dump(is it a dump if it is two links?) is because with all of the surgery stuff (which has all gone super well!) I am just wiped and struggling to put eloquent and thoughtful posts together. So here are some other people doing it for me!

I've wanted to write a follow-up to the Language around consent post I did a while ago, but I have since come across this wonderful post from Yes Means Yes about how our society is USED to hearing indirect "no" and people who choose to ignore it and act like it's sooo hard to know when a person is consenting to sex are not are doing it knowingly.

Then to further my huge brain-crush* on Cliff from Pervocracy she went and wrote a post on a related tangent pointing out how it is basically bullshit when people conflate that "NO ANYONE COULD ACCIDENTALLY BE A RAPIST BECAUSE CONSENT IS CONFUSING!" and really just go and read everything she has written. She's just awesome and I want to rub my brain against her's in hopes to gain some of her intelegence.

If you have any links that you'd like to see up here for future link-dumps you can e-mail them, or post them in the comments. Hopefully by next week things will be all the way back to normal, and barring anything dramatic 50 Shades should run on Thursday as normal. Till then dear readers!  

*Brain-Crush: For those (often platonic) crushes where you are attracted to the person entirely due to their mental prowess.


  1. I have nominated you for a blog award because I think your blog is nifty. I was going to post it tomorrow, but then I realised it would have to be today instead because I am too busy to comment on things tomorrow and there is no point nominating people for awards if they don't know about them.


  2. I read this and thought of you & this blog... It's a little of a stretch since you are still on the books, but I thought you would appreciate a like-minded view from a new source.
    This is in reference to "50 Shades-the movie".
    Immediately I questioned if you actually wrote this! But I think this just sums up your sentiments as well.

    High Five!
    -Crazy cursing girl


  3. I finally ended up doing a 50 shades post on my blog if you want to have it over for a guest post (if not, you're def not hurting my feelings) :)