Friday, February 25, 2011

Green Hornet drinking game

I apologies for the lack of updating, I haven't been home much the past two weeks, and now have gotten myself a case of The Sick. It's still in it's early stages, right before my days off, so I am hoping to destroy The Sick before it can properly manifest. Before The Sick reared it's ugly head, I went and saw the new Green Hornet movie. I admit that I'm not intimately acquainted with the original Green Hornet, so I could enjoy it, but die hard fans might struggle with seeing The Green Hornet be played to be kind of dopey.

Since I haven't been too much of an alchohalic for a while, here's an untested drinking game for you all!

The Green Hornet drinking game

Every time someone makes a vauge reference to Kato and Britt being man-lovers
The original is Green Hornet is referenced
There is car porn
Kato is incredibly bad ass
Britt is kind of a bitch
Either Britt or Kato fails to get laid
Kato is mad about being the side kick
Britt actually does something clever
You wish you had The BlackBeauty

Happy Liver damage!

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