Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh God my head... Blackula drinking game

So my friend decided for his birthday he wanted to go see Blackula. Having no choice, since it was his birthday, a bunch of us went. And being the classy bunch we are, we were getting out drink on (not so discouraged at the indie theaters I've noticed so long as you're not a d-bag).

I initially was playing on my own, which I've started to do anytime there's drinking and movies going on. The first set of rules were this:

Every time there's a white person, you drink.
Every time the music makes you want to groove, you drink ("Fuck. Mason. We already drank for this music!" "Yeah but I'm feeling the groove again")
Epic side burns OR afro.

Once I bullied Mason into playing with me, he vetoed the afro rule. It was just too painful. We changed it to this:
Every time some one uses really stereotypical language (Ex: Bitch please) <- This one isn't too brutal.

And while we didn't play with this one, you could also use, or use instead:
Every time the actual Dracula series gets a tip of the hat (Ex: Cape, the love interest being named "Tina" when it's usually "Mina")

Now maybe it was the fact that I practically needed to be carried home, but Blackula actually wasn't a terrible movie. I think I could have made it through sober. Although I'm glad I didn't.