Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I have been a bad little blogger

Dear corner of the internet that I call my own. I am sorry that I have been so neglectful as of late. It isn't right, and I'm sorry. I could make excuses, tell you how busy I've been with work/hookers/blow/liver damage, and I mean, they'd all be true things, but, they're no reason to neglect you like that. Even if I have been tits deep in parties.

And by parties I mean silly misadventures, but nothing beyond fairly the standard "Ok, gonna go hang out with friends now" so, not prime post material. You will now suffer through a post on dinosaurs. No. I'm not joking.

So, I discovered that the museums in town are free Thursday evening. I literally live across the street from one (no, seriously. I look out my balcony and see a freaking castle. It's pretty sweet). One with dinosaurs. It was pretty easy to convince a friend to go with me. They then had to endure me jumping up and down excitedly yelling about dinosaurs. And then the Narwhal. GUYS THERE WAS A NARWHAL!!! Narwhals make me happy just by existing. If they're real, it makes it that much more likely that unicorns are. Narwhal=unicorn of the sea.

My co-workers wife works at the museum, and half jokingly I asked him what the rules on people climbing the dinosaurs are. He told me it was a bad idea. Security was not friendly. "What if I sneak in in the dead of night?"

"Security is still there"

"What about the outside dinosaurs?"

"Oh, those are fine. If you can get on them, you can climb those"

Fun game, say the phrase "Hey, let's go climb the dinosaurs" to a drunk person. Bonus round to see how long you can stall them. They will not relent, because dinosaurs are way too awesome.

For some reason when I am going on about the awesomeness of dinosaurs, The Boy sighs and says "I'm dating an 8 year old" to which I point out that I am currently only six, and he ignores me and continues "I'm dating an 8 year old boy".


  1. Dinosaurs do equal suffering, ever. Especially if you can climb them.

  2. Will not relent indeed *shifty eyes*