Thursday, February 10, 2011

The word vagina has lost all meaning.

No, it's NOT a post about a drinking game! But it is about a game. That is best played WHILE drinking unless you're so crass and juvenile that it seems like a good idea sober (might have been doing this at work all week... You're just jealous you're not this classy).

The premise is simple. You take a movie title of at least two words, and take one word out. That word is then replaced with vagina. This game is best played with a rowdy, silly, slightly drunken crowd (people who read this and don't know me personally must think I'm a total lush...)

Some good examples are:
Never ending vagina
Lock, stock, and two smoking vaginas
My big fat Greek vagina
Edward vagina hands
Men who stare at vaginas
Revenge of the vaginas
Sisterhood of the traveling vaginas
Harry Potter in the chamber of vagina
Dirty vagina
The good, the bad, and the vagina
Beauty and the vagina
Vaginas take Manhattan

I've yet to find a two word title (not counting "the") that this won't work with. Also the word "vagina" no longer has any meaning what so ever. Share your own titles in the comments!


  1. Lord of the Vagina
    Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Vagina
    The Vagina Club
    It's a Wonderful Vagina
    V for Vagina
    Good Vagina Hunting
    How to Train Your Vagina

    You're right, this is fun :)

  2. If the word "vagina" had no meaning, then there would be no reason for you to create this post. Ah-ha! So it does have a meaning.

  3. Clash of the Vaginas
    Wrath of the Vaginas
    Game of Vaginas (war for Cersei's cunt?)
    Vagina Knight Rises or Dark Vagina Rises
    The Wizard of Vagina
    Pink Floyd: the Vagina
    Silent Vagina or Vagina Hill
    Wuthering Vaginas
    What's Eating Gilbert's Vagina?
    The Iron Vagina
    The Longest Vagina
    Saving Private Vagina
    Vagina Runner
    James and the Giant Vagina
    The Texas Vagina Massacre
    The Vagina on Elm Street
    The Vagina Games
    Catching Vagina
    (I cheated on the last two since they're not movies yet and Mockingjay is one word, but Vaginajay just sounds so hilarious to me.)

    I need to stop there because I could go on all day and I'm already giggling like a twelve-year-old and creeping out my dogs.

  4. Bring me the Vagina of Alfredo Garcia.

  5. alice in wonderlandMay 7, 2014 at 3:49 PM

    rise of the vaginas