Tuesday, February 26, 2013


My dear astute readers, you may have noticed that there are some changes afoot. I don't just mean the twitter (@SnappyErika) or the new blog specific e-mail (somethingshortandsnappyblog@gmail.com) or the comments being moved over to disqus (assuming I didn't screw up? It should be disqus now. I-is it disqus now? :/) or even the blogs new look (I won't lie, that's a work in progress)! Although those are all changes, and ones that I'm kind of excited about because I'm a nerd like that.

No, my dear readers, the news I want to tell you about today is that Something Short and Snappy is far too pleased with it's self for luring* the talented and insightful Will Wildman over to be a regular contributor!

Starting this Sunday (March 3rd!) and updating every other Sunday he will be running an Ender's Game deconstruction! I kind of want to use Kermit again here. Is that too much Muppet flailing? Is there a such thing as too much Muppet flailing?

Just in case.

He will also be making non-deconstruction posts on the blog, and re-blogging some of his favorite posts from Narrow and Crooked Lanes here, though those will not be on a scheduled basis. So please, join me in giving Something Short and Snappy's first (and not last! I have things in The Works. If you're interested send me an e-mail, we can talk;) ) new contributor!

Apparently I'm all about the .gifs today.

*Cupcakes and booze. That's how we do in these parts. Although I want the record to show he was sober when he agreed. The fool.


  1. What a pleasant surprise! (Will doing an Ender decon is not surprising, but the location is.)

    Something Short and Snappy is far too pleased with it's self

    I'm not sure it's possible to be too pleased about getting Will Wildman to write for your blog. It would certainly be tricky to manage it.

    I-is it disqus now?

    Doesn't look Disqus-y to me.

    1. The Disqus bit seems to be putting up a bit of a fight. We'll get there. And it helps that I know him in real life and am not kidding even a little bit about there being liquor involved in getting him to agree to it.

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  4. *shameface* I don't know who Will Wildman is. On the flip side, I'd welcome an "Ender's Game" decon, because that book made little sense to me when I read it a few years ago. Maybe it's because I don't find political stuff very interesting, and it was a pretty heavily political book.

  5. *Yayface* This is my favorite blog out of all the ones out there (I've read every post of yours--just sayin') so I'm sure this'll be great :D