Monday, February 4, 2013

GUYS I SUCK AT TUESDAYS - A post about too many choices.

I find myself in the same spot every Tuesday (or rather, Saturday-Monday) in that I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT TO WRITE A POST ABOUT! Or I have like, three on the go but none are "ready" and need more time to percolate (one day I will finish "Sex and Sexualization" which should really be called "sexy vs sexualized" but I couldn't resist the similarity between the title and "Sense and Sensibility even though it's probably half in my head) and I find myself in a big panic. Every. Single. Fucking. Tuesday.

I've always found the open posts harder to do on a schedule. The 50 Shades posts can be hard because, well, it means I need to sit down and spend time with a book that drives me to drink and try to find something insightful/funny to say about utter shit, but my goals are clear, and the things to write ABOUT are largely given to me by the text. Tuesdays, however, are anything and so I naturally want to write about important and meaningful things. The problem with this is an important and meaningful post seems to take a hell of a lot longer than a decon post (a decon posts take anywhere from 1-6 hours depending on how much I find to write about in them). The other problem with important and meaningful posts are OH SHIT WHAT THE HELL DO I WRITE ABOUT?

I think The Oatmeal put it pretty well.

That is about the problem I'm having, and I suspect it's a fairly normal one (although unlike The Oatmeal I make absolutely no money from doing this) so rather than continually grapple with this and put out (what I feel) are substandard Tuesday posts, I'm going to start running some more regular features. On any given Tuesday, you would potentially see any one of these things (and, if one feature really takes off, it could become a regular weekly update). Before I go and pour tons of thought and energy into developing anything, however, I'd like to hear your feedback on some of the ideas I'm bouncing around.

So here's the pitch!

More deconstructions - These would be smaller, 1-off things. I ideally would pick single consumption media (movies, short stories, stand alone type things) OR pick a second book/series and update once or twice a month with it (there is no way I can keep up two weekly decon posts). However I'm a little torn on WHAT I should have a go at (I'm thinking the Dune mini-series, but not sure if anyone is interested in that) or pick up random trashy looking action movies and/or chick flicks. I am definitely taking requests for this one, so if there's something you'd love to see me sink my teeth into/hurt my liver on.

Food Wizardry With Erika - If ever I do a video post, odds are it would be a cooking-show type thing, and I would almost definitely be drunk. At least to start, I don't want to get into videos. These posts would either be about cooking theory/de-bunking some myths/sneaky wizard tricks, or just recipes. Again, if there's one aspect of this that you think "THAT SOUNDS AWESOME" as opposed to the others, sound off. I WANT TO GIVE YOU WHAT YOU GUYS WANT TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT!

Erika's writing - I don't generally do short stories (which the more I blog the more I realize is a shame) but this would either be novel excerpts, or things from other projects I'm working on.

Erika ON writing- This would be me contemplating some of the things I face when I work on writing. Like trying to work out more details on the severely crippled character who is in the super hero story I'm in the development stages of. I'm not severely crippled and rather anxious about writing someone who is because WHAT IF I DO IT WRONG? Or my hilarious awkwardness around trying to learn to write a good sex scene.

In Today's News - I'm not sure if I would take this in a current events direction, or picking apart news articles. I'm leaning to picking apart news articles, and again, this one would be helped largely by submissions.

Ask Erika - I ran this before but no one seemed to enthused about it. So, this would be a less over the top and silly version. You could ask serious questions (and get serious answers) or ask my thoughts on a specific topic. This one will obviously be totally submission based, so I suppose I'll wait and see if anyone things I am a viable source of wisdom and advice (Pro-tip: I'm not).  

I'll still run "Here is a random post about a thing" posts, but obviously less frequently but (I hope) of a much higher quality. I will also take suggestions/requests on what these could be.

So, you can go about telling me what you would/would not like to see (or suggest something I did not mention here!) either in the comments (right below!) on Twitter @SnappyErika or you can e-mail me at! Look at how easy I make it for you guys to stalk get in contact with me!

Tune in Thursday for your regularly scheduled 50 Shades of Liver Damage! 


  1. I hate waiting for thursdays. Especially now that I found your blog. Love it! My coworker and I have enjoyed the laughs. We just wish we could drink at work. Thank you for making the week a lot more entertaining! (There is a Vlogger on youtube that does a "drunk kitchen".)

  2. I enjoy reading your stories and your commentary! I'll read anything you post!

  3. again I am always happy to sample anything that comes out of your quirky brain... I read it all & love it all.. while I'm thinking about it, its probably a good time to tell you that I already had Christian Grey stalk your ass and have my tabbed folder with all the deets in it! :P

    Still opting for editor 3...
    awkwardness in your writing would be fun to read...
    dissecting movies, other books, music...
    to start an ask Erika topic.... Since I know your opinion on Christian Grey, what would your dream, fantasy guy be like?

    Til Thursday
    -crazy, cursing girl

  4. I know this feel. After writing book reviews, old movie reviews, and a beginner's introduction to anime, I might resort to my hobby of bitching about and analyzing crappy amateur (fan)fiction writers.
    Since I have an interest in writing, I would be most interested in Erika writing and Erika ON writing. I also know that feel of not knowing enough about your subject to know if you're writing it right. I've never hiked through the desert, and I'm hesitant to put any detail about my desert setting because I'm afraid it won't feel real or just be stupid.

  5. I would be completely for an entire series of "Ask Erika" posts. It would be hilarious to read, be a part of, and just a general thing to enjoy.

    Although, it would not be a bad idea to do decons of horrible b-movies, chick flicks, terrible action movies, or over the top blockbusters that are not worth the amount of promotion & hype that they receive. Honestly, I just want to live vicariously through you as you bitch about the ones you did not enjoy. Let me live through you :|

    That was creepy.

    Ok. Time to go.

  6. Well this whole post was just a big fat disappointment since I thought "Tuesdays" was a Canadian equivalent of (TGI) Friday's here in the U.S. which made me want to know more about these "Guys" you mention in the title.

    You're just a tease.

    1. You're new here, aren't you? There is one rule for commenting: Differ without being a dick. There isn't so much "differing" as you being crass and gross. Although you have a point, the title really is misleading. I may need to edit that. :/

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