Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A meta post about what's going on with Erika

Usually I don't like to post about personal problems. Things, sure, but problems? No one wants to hear about that. Still, it's affecting my ability to write, and I feel you guys should know what's up with me and why I might be missing a bunch of posts over the next month.

It's... Been another rough week. I've been in and out of the hospital. Everything is fine, but being the only person in the nearest big city to my home town sometimes puts me in unique situations. My cousin and his new spawn (oh, yeah, new born is the one in the hospital because life is awesome like that) will be around for the next three weeks, though I expect more family will be filtering up after things are a little more settled, I'm still planning to be around, because, local.

Oh, and then there was two weeks ago when I got sexually assaulted on the bus- again, I'm fine! I mean, I was a girl taking public transit on my own during rush hour. I really should have seen this coming, and what was I doing sitting in the back row unaccompanied? I was just asking for some big guy to trap me in a corner, press up against me, and rub his junk until it was time for him to get off the bus! I forgot that as a woman I should be super vigilant at all times, because I've got a vagina and that means I don't get to expect things like not being trapped in a corner on my way home from work! I mean, I was wearing a Batman shirt for crying out loud! Clearly I wanted physical contact from a stranger! I should just be flattered! I'm sure he doesn't rub his nuts at just anyone, after all. My being anxious in my daily commute is just me showing proper vigilance now!

Next week two of my in-laws are trading organs. The one who needs the organ is my age, and the one giving it is 50. As far as organ swapping goes, kidneys are pretty low impact, and hey, at least the hospital they'll be at is close to the one my cousin and his spawn are at, right? I think I can walk from one to the other...

November I'm planning to try to write a book in a month again. I expect this to swallow me whole and distract me from everything else ever, as it did before. This will give me a much needed break from thinking about things. Like what ever stresses the recovery from organ swapping might bring!

I have December set aside to sit in a corner and shake quietly. That should have me nice and refreshed for my 82 year old Grandfather's heart surgery in the new year!

Unhinged ranting aside, to quell those of you who are about to express concern, I really am fine. Frazzled, stressed, and kind of overwhelmed, but fine. I've dealt with worse before*, and I'm sure will again. I don't relish this, but I know I can, and will, handle it. I mean, what other choice is there? Hide in a blanket fort while I wait for it to all blow over? Actually, that sounds kind of tempting...

*One time I had to try to hold my Grandmother's head together after she head-butt the side walk while we waited for the ambulance. Fun times.


  1. Be sure to use the couch cushions for the fort - they hold up well and can repel invaders easily.

    Seriously, though, what was that dude thinking? "Ooh hey, here's a woman, she'll appreciate me masturbating in her view." Eew. I hope he gets Priapism for his decision.

  2. Hugs. Unless you're not a touchy person, in which case, I will brew you an internet cup of tea.

  3. This is a whole lot of crap to go through, I'm very sorry to hear that. And tons of good luck for the November challenge, I'd be real interested to read your original stuff!

  4. Hugs! Hugs and blanket forts and hopefully All The Things in the next few months go well. xoxo