Thursday, May 19, 2011

Glee drinking game

It's my 42nd post. I figured I would honor my 42nd post by looking back on the closest thing to a reoccurring feature that I've done. Drinking games. Today we will be drinking our way through Glee, so, for all of you out there who are being forced to watch the show against your will, here's a way to get through it. Here we go!

Drink when...

Sue does something that should get her sued/fired/launched out of a cannon into the sun
Sue makes fun of Shoe's hair
Any of the teachers say "These/those kids"
They try to fix the problems of the world in the only way they know how - By singing.
Finn takes interest in a girl who's taken (seriously what the hell is WITH that?)
Any time Mike does anything.
Brittney says something amazingly stupid
Coach Beast gets her feelings hurt
Quinn schemes
Some one makes fun of Sam's lips
Mercedes breaks away from the base of the song to just belt it
Kurt is dressed in a way that, if we're honest, kind of deserves to get Slushie'd
There's a guest star
Puck actually IS tough and/or bad ass
Rachel looks like "A baby and a grandma rolled into one"
They point out just how all encompassing and tolerant the Glee club is of people of every race/back ground/sexual orientation
The form of competitions is totally ignored. (Ex: Vocal Adrenalin, being in the same town, should have been up against them first round every time. The Warblers should have been there the first season... Basically any episode that they're at the actual event)

Bonus points if you're drinking booze slushies for this.

Also, I would recommend picking and choosing which rules you use, because all of those are going to hurt.

Also also: Am I the only one bothered by the locker thing?

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