Tuesday, May 3, 2011

But, but I'm NOT a hipster!

This is a reoccurring theme. People accuse me of being a hipster "Not a full fledged one, but, well..." and then they trail off and look sympathetic. I can usually muster a feeble defense, "But I still listen to the radio!" "I've like old video games because I grew up with them!" "I drink heavily because I'm in my early 20ies- it'swhatyoudo!" but recently, I got called on my secret identity.

About five years ago, for improv, our team name was "Our Mom's think we're cool" and our voting item were cheap dollar store glasses, which we punched the lenses out of because we were wearing them for a bit. I ended up holding onto one pair, basic black thick rimmed type of thing, and wore them to school for a few days. It took that long for people to notice that there were no lenses. I've pulled it a few times (I usually can't go a whole day before someone clues in that there are no lenses) one of the more notable times being on a date. Where I rubbed my eye THROUGH the frames. Twice. And he failed to notice. In his defense, my shit was low cut.

Every now and then I don my lenseless glasses to see who I can trick this time, or because I want to keep my super hero identity a secret. This has led to me being accused of being a hipster.

And to you jerk faces out there, fine! Label me as you will! But when I get a nemesis who's out to get me, at least MY identity will be secret!


  1. How exactly can one's shit be low cut? Just sayin lol. And don't worry, I still love you even if you are a hipster.

  2. I had just assumed you were trying to hide your super hero identity, honestly.

  3. alice in wonderlandMay 14, 2014 at 3:57 PM

    who doesn't? :)