Tuesday, December 11, 2012

50 Shades of Domestic violence

"Wait, I thought chapter 1 was going up Thursday?" It is, but I saw something at stfucouples *that I needed to re-post.

How much do I love this poster? So much. And it's Canadian. *NATIONAL PRIDE*

I've gone over a lot of it before as I've gone through the deconstruction, and I just really want to go and work for them now. I also love the fact that someone said "There is this huge deal being made over books that are romanticizing abuse** and that shit is not okay. What can we do about it?" AND DID SOMETHING. Sure, it's a simple poster, but I hope that you'll all join me in spreading the SHIT out of this thing.

*There was a bit of commentary from a blog that just tore into the meat of it, and is kind of amazing, which you can find here under December 3rd.

**They're also doing BDSM wrong. Just saying.

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