Thursday, September 12, 2013

Invisible Illness Awareness Week

I wanted to write a post about being sick for invisible illness awareness week (not to be confused with invisibility illness) but my body decided it hates me so, so much. I'm in too much pain to concentrate on actually writing anything at the moment, and there are no drugs I can take to help with that right now because it's a fun, NEW kind of pain! If it doesn't get better by tomorrow morning I'll be off to the doctor's bright and early, because despite being nearly nocturnal, I doubt I'll sleep in (or at all). Hopefully this time they'll be able to do something or figure it out, you know, unlike all the other pain I've been in. It seems to be a new beast, but given that I've yet to get a diagnosis (which is a whole other series of adventures in doctors' offices. Are you jealous of all the fun I get to have?) it's impossible to say. Yet to look at me right now, you'd assume I was fine, miserable, maybe, but fine.

I realized when I was trying to write that the above was probably the best way I could sum up everything. I have no brilliant insights or eloquent words on the topic, maybe I'll find some on a better day, but for today all I leave you with is this. Not all illnesses have obvious, visible signs, but that doesn't mean their effects aren't real, or major. The lack of visibility means that people dealing with them are dealing with extra shit from people making assumptions.

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