Sunday, November 4, 2012

A quick meta update and a link to an awesome article on women with sex drives.

A quick update for those of you wondering (and a few people have asked, so I figure at least a few of you are). The organ swapping has been a huge success, Brother-in-Law and his new kidney are making fast friends, and he was released from the hospital days earlier than we expected, and they're already cutting down on his trips back! Father-in-Law is in not quite as good shape, having just given a chunk away, but released and doing mostly-well. Happy thoughts sent their way are still much appreciated.

I am also still doing NaNoWriMo and have fallen behind (for the first time ever) and am determined to catch up, so expect things to be quiet here until December. However, I did come across this wonderful article written by Noah Brand over at alternet about the dual standards between men with high sex drives and women with high sex drives and goes off on all sorts of well thought out tangents. It's an awesome read, go check it out here. Take it as an apology on my part for not writing much for you guys myself.