Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday - An announcement

Alright, so, not for the first time lately, I find myself on update day with no post for you guys. I'm starting to take the fun out of writing 50 Shades posts by trying to do them twice a week. That's a lot of awful to consume and deconstruct in a week. It hurts me in the soul. I also want to keep running Sunday randoms, because they give me a chance to write about things that are important to me, and to write things that are silly fun. However, they take a lot more time and energy then I consistently have in a week to spare. I'm finding balancing two 50 Shades posts a week on top of a Sunday Random really difficult.

Clearly, my current system is not working. So I'm trying a new one!

Tuesdays will be either 50 Shades OR a random post. Thursdays will remain 50 Shades posts. Forever. OhgodwhydoIdothistomyself?

Sorry if this is a huge disappointment to you guys, but I am confident that giving myself a little more breathing room for these posts will make them better. My rage should be less tempered when I have some time to reboot in-between chapters. Which means more drinking, and I know how much you guys love it when I get liquored up and rant for you.

Till Thursday!

1 comment:

  1. This is completely understandable! I was wondering how you were able to do all that! lol

    Suggestion: How about you present us with a funny video on Tuesdays, keep 50 shades on Thursdays and then Sundays are yours to have fun with :) I'd still be on here on every of those days waiting for my laughs ;)

    Did I mention lately how much you rock? You have been entertaining me non-stop for weeks now, I am super impressed and thankful for your time :)