Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Prognostication and obfuscation

Hello everyone!  This blogpost serves several purposes.  First, I can assure everyone that Erika and I are alive and well--okay, we're alive, she's still got CFS and I'm currently coughing so hard that pain ripples through my back and all the way to my thumbs.  But we're doing okay.  Erika sends best wishes in particular to Erin Jeffreys Hodges.  Also, today we finally got around to watching Jupiter Ascending as well, which is DEFINITELY getting a post because I went into that expecting a beautiful mess and it was Everything.  We both have much to say.  With any luck, other posts will follow; it's been A Time lately for everyone.

We would also like you to know about this sugar glider that gets excellent reception:

Pictured: a sugar glider wearing a cone around its neck in typical cone-of-shame style.

On a more concrete bit of good news, I saw flyers posted in my neighbourhood last week that specifically called upon "fellow white people" to reject any fascist organisations in the area (naming various, some of which I'd never heard of before) and be on the look out for their activities.  The fight's going to get even more intense for the next few years, I guess, but personally I'm feeling punchier than I have in a long while.  Hope everyone's staying safe out there.

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