Thursday, July 9, 2015

404 Post devoured by the void

There was supposed to be a post today, I wrote one and everything, but as Will and I were editing it an Eldritch being popped into existence and the only way to keep it from consuming the world was to feed it my post on Bletchley circle.

Typical, right?

So no post from me this week, and tune in next Wednesday for Will's Wheel of Time.


  1. Aww man, I hope it was a surprisingly feminist about *hint*Reservoir Dogs*hint*...

  2. Very cool. I looove your sardonic-satiric-savvy discourse at the header, leaving you wondering about succinctness. How cool. My 25 blogs do the same: they speak of the Great Beyond in complete brevity, what we do on earth for our finite existenceis what we'll receive. Looky...

    High, girl!

    While, yes, I realize my penname is quite morbid, yet,

    you shall find in our blogs a lotta (subliminal) moxie

    which has taken this mortal sinner yeeeeers to compile:

    I lay it ALL out for you, dear - neet-o, packaged, concise

    (gotta gobba poetry, too).

    Nevertheless, wouldn’t ya love an endless eternity

    of aplomBombs falling on thy indelible cranium?

    An XtraXcitinXpose with no


    with an IQ much higher than K2,

    and an extraordinarily, anti-establishment victory??

    Here’s what the exquisite, prolific GODy sed

    (with a most excellent detector of bull§ht):

    “Faith, hope, and love,

    the greatest of these is love -

    jump into faith...

    and you'll see with love”

    Doesn’t matter if you don’t believe (what I write);

    God believes in you.

    Meet me Upstairs, girl, where the Son never goes down

    from a passionate, lucrative iconoclasm where you’ll find


    of deluxe-HTTP [<- pi] opportunities for excitement BTW.

    Do it. Do the deed, dude. Sign into the Big House.

    PS I'd love to write many, many, many novels with you in the Utopian library...