Thursday, May 24, 2012

Announcing a Bad Idea!

Alright, imaginary people reading this! I have a confession to make. I am deeply, totally hopelessly in love with Ana Mardoll and her blog (that link over there <- click it. Do it now.). She's smart, funny, and mind blowingly insightful. She runs a series of deconstructions, which are thought provoking and interesting and really, just go read the whole thing now. I'll wait.

Right, so, why am I gushing about Ana in a post called "announcing a bad idea!"? Well, I've decided to run my own series of deconstructions. However, I expect mine to run more among the lines of Mark reads Twilight then Ana reading Twilight. Still, consider this the announcement of Erika Reads Fifty Shades of Grey!

Yes, I'm picking up a Twilight inspired erotica to pick apart/weep at. Or get awkward boners from. We'll see. I'll make one post per chapter per week (I will tentatively slot this for Thursday) and I pinky swear to not read ahead.

So, why Fifty Shades of Grey? I wanted to pick something that was popular, and being made a huge deal out of at the moment, and that I hadn't seen getting the deconstruction treatment in the blogs I frequent. There is a fair bit of "controversy" about this book and it's BDSM tones. Because of the sexual nature of the book, some libraries are refusing to carry it (or trying not to). There is enough attention being given to this book that I'm sure there are people out there who want to know what's going on with it without actually having to read the thing themselves! So, stay tuned and come back next Thursday for the first chapter!


  1. Just wondering, have you ever read Cleo Linda's Twilight recaps? They're less of a deconstruction and more of a recap but still hysterical.

  2. I have not! I will have to check them out! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Thank you for the praise!! Will has recommended you, and I've added you to the blog bounce on the site -- I'm super excited to see what you have to say about FSoG, since I've not read it. :D

    May I make a suggestion, though? ;) Don't pinky-swear not to read ahead AT ALL -- I've found having an advance post or three can be a life-saver when decon day rolls around and the cat decides to get sick, the car breaks down, the spouse spills a carton of milk on the carpet, and the roof wants repairing ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Maybe just keep to within 3 chapters of "now" at all times? :)

    So looking forward to this. :D

    1. Ah, I meant as in I will write the post AS I read the chapter. I reserve the right to finish WRITING the posts before you guys are past chapter ten.

      Also I totally made a happy squeaky noise when I saw you had commented, which is terribly embarrassing as I'm in a coffee shop at the moment.

    2. Ah, that makes sense!

      And blame the cinnamon, is my advice. ;) Too much cinnamon in the coffee will make ANYONE squeak. :D

  4. "I expect mine to run more among the lines of Mark reads Twilight *then* Ana reading Twilight." In nearly two years nobody has bothered to correct this error?