Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ender's Game: The Index

For ease of navigation and in case anyone felt like reliving the nostalgic days when I was just wading into the realm of literary analysis, herein is presented the complete list of Ender's Game posts in chronological order.  Further indices for other books will form in time.  Feel free to make suggestions or requests on the formatting of this or future index posts.
  1. Chapter one, part one, in which Will inexplicably follows in the style of the terrible decisions that have gone before
  2. Chapter one, part two, in which we immediately give up on all reasoned morality
  3. Chapter two, in which the villainous Peter Wiggin fails to be as horrifying as our hero
  4. Chapter three, which is much less terrible than previous chapters, or maybe I'm just getting inured to it all
  5. Chapter four, in which Ender Wiggin becomes the blatant reader-fantasy-insert
  6. Chapter five, in which Ender SHOWS THEM ALL and Will says 'whatever' a lot
  7. Chapter six, in which ZERO GRAVITY RACISM saves the day
  8. Chapter seven, part one, in which we just don't understand Ender's FEELINGS
  9. Chapter seven, part two, in which everyone gets naked
  10. Chapter seven, part three, in which middle schoolers are just too old to keep up with the young folks
  11. Chapter eight, part one, in which Jjjjeeeewwwwwws
  12. Chapter eight, part two, in which things are very briefly not awful
  13. Chapter nine, part one, in which blogs are taken seriously
  14. Chapter nine, part two, in which alternative interpretations abound
  15. Chapter ten, in which Ender rejects redemption and loses his boyfriend
  16. Chapter eleven, in which we get down to the WINNING
  17. Chapter twelve, in which Our Hero gets his second kill
  18. Chapter thirteen, part one, in which Ender tells the truth
  19. Chapter thirteen, part two, in which Graff ruins everything again
  20. Chapter fourteen, part one, in which Mazer Rackham doesn't replace Graff soon enough
  21. Chapter fourteen, part two, in which the plan works perfectly
  22. Chapter fifteen, in which the victims blame themselves
  23. Introduction, in which we contemplate empathy

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